Jan 29 13 1:18 AM

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Is membership to this site free?
   Membership is completely free for this site and always will be.

What are the benefits of being a member?
   If you are a member you can access the SVT Registry and also a "Member's Only" section.

Do I have to sign up to view the forum or posts?
   Yes and no. Most sections can be viewed by the public, but not all. 

Do I have to be a member to post in the forum?
   Yes. Unfortunately due to spammers and immature people this is necessary.

Do I have to be a member to start new topics?
   Yes. Posting is not allowed if you are not a member.

Can I edit or delete my posts?
   No, only Admins can edit posts. If you contact one with good reason a post can be changed
   for you.

How do I add an attachment to a post?
   After you have started to reply or topic, you can link images using a URL or you can add a
   file from your computer by clicking on the "Upload files" thumbnail.

Who runs and moderates the site?
   At the moment I (puppetmaster) am the only one running and moderating the site.

Can I change the look of the site?
   The site is very limited as far as looks are concerned and they can only be edited by Admins.

How do I search for something?
   There is a Google search bar that will only search the forum for the keyword(s) you type.

How can I see recent posts?
   In the sidebar there is a section dedicated to the latest posts.

What is ranking and can I change my title?
   Rank is a system that follows how many posts you have made. For each rank there are titles
   that are set by the Admins. If you want it to change, post more!

What if I forgot my password?
   In the case of a forgotten passcode you can contact an Admin with descriptive information
   about your account and a temporary password can be given to you.

Can I email other members?
   If an email address is provided to you by that member, yes, you can. Email information is not
   provided by the Admins to any party.

Can I send private messages to other members?
   Yes, assuming you yourself are a member.

Can I instant message others from the community?
   No. Meebo chat was once provided in a widget in the sidebar but Google has taken over and
   stopped the service. The addition of an IM widget is in the future..

Can I change my avatar and edit my profile?
   Yes and yes. Avatars can be changed by choosing one from the provided library or by uploading
   your own picture file. Supported formats are JPG, GIF and PNG. You can edit your profile
   to include information about yourself, a link to your webpage and your location.

What if I see something offensive or something that is clearly spam?
   If you come across something you find offensive there is a section dedicated to making the
   Admins aware of the problems of the site. Spam is not tolerated and also can be reported.