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Feb 2 12 3:46 PM

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I thought I'd put together a list with opinions about the parts I've used.
Deeza inner tie-rods. Installation was a bit of a pain because of them being perfectly round, but they seem to have held up okay after ~15,000 miles and a track day.
Mevotech outer tie-rods. Change the same time as the inners. They are fitted with zerks. They've held up so far.
Moog front sway bar links. These are much beefier than the stock ones and probably have a mild beneficial effect on handling. Great product imo and they are easy to remove unlike some other types.
Hawk brake pads. I used HPS pads on the front and ceramics in the rear at the track. I wasn't driving 10/10 but the pads offered good bite and were consistent all day long. They were used with vented Brembo rotors.
Stant standard thermostat. Never had a problem with Stant thus far. Fits well and does it's job.
Raysbestos outer CV joint boot. Good fitment and came with grease. Quality of the rubber seemed good.
Eibach springs. Great for the street imo but they were too weak for the track. Used with BAT struts the front end was suffering greatly but the rear was fairly stable thanks to the BATs
BAT struts. The front struts seem weak right out of the box while the rears have a higher bound/rebound. Great for these cars but the fronts could have been valved differently. 
Fidanza aluminum flywheel. I ran this on an SE and street driving wasn't affected at all imo. Great mod.
MSDS headers. Also on my SE. Freed up a few ponies and fit to a stock SVT exhaust. You'll want to get these coated or give them proper paint job and cure them as directed.
Denso oxygen sensors. Fit great and plugged right in and fixed my codes. No complaints.
Fel-Pro upper and lower intake gaskets. These are a great problem solver. They fit like a glove and I've even been able to reuse low mileage sets when removing the intakes for cleaning. Can't beat 'em.
Fel-Pro throttle body and EGR gaskets. No leaks or complaints. Fitment looked exact with no trimming necessary on the inner parts.
Fel-Pro exhaust manifold gaskets. Not sure it it's the gaskets, which I doubt, or the headers or header bolts, but something was leaking before the car was parked.
K&N air cleaner (flat and cone type) A good way to add a little more sound, but they wont net you much hp
Spectre air cleaner. Ran one of these on my SE when I first got my car with a custom billet adapter. Quality was fine imo and filtration was good. 
Fram fuel filter. Fit and does it's job. No complaints.
Standard motor products injector O-rings. They've held up so far :-)
Delphi idle air control valve. Fit well and fixed another code. Clips fit well too.
Airtex/Wells TPS. Replaced the stock unit when troubleshooting. Worked well.. and then returned.
Bosch standard spark plug wires. These didn't last very long on my SE. ~30,000 mi
Moog rear sway bar links. These don't come with the bolt. A minor annoyance. Other than that they were about as good as the stock units and need to be upgraded with aftermarkets made by the contour community.
Raysbestos strut bearings. Fit well and have lasted so far.
Mevotech front and rear strut mounts. Fixed my problems and haven't caused any new ones so far.

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