Feb 3 12 11:56 PM

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If you're about to change your alternator on a 2.5L Duratec don't be discouraged. Some find this a major PITA. It doesn't have to be and you do not have to remove all that they tell you in the Haynes manual if you have one. It can take a long time to get one of these out your first time, but with guidance and some common sense it really isn't that difficult. What I have found to work well is having a few long extensions to span the length of the engine and a universal joint for the socket end and also one for the ratchet end. You will need to configure them in some way to have the socket on the upper alternator bolt and go all the way across to the other side of the engine bay (the side the air box is on). I've always used a breaker bar to initially break the mounting bolts loose. After everything is disconnected and you have the passenger side wheel, lower splash shield and outer tie-rod off of the car you should be able to turn the alternator to disconnect the harnesses and cable, be very careful you do not pull on the wires. After you do this you should be able to wriggle the the alternator out in some fashion. If you're worried about your paint throw up some layers of masking tape in the obvious places and even the alternator itself to discourage gouging and/or scraping. Until I write-up a how to I hope this can serve somewhat as guide.