Feb 7 12 11:10 AM

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If you've owned a Contour you've probably had to change the intake gaskets, or have spent money on replacing parts to fix their symptoms. Removing the upper intake is rather simple and can be done by anyone with tools who can follow directions. However, the lowers need to be changed as well, but they are not included in this write-up.

Over time the upper and lower intake gaskets leak. After so many years, miles or heat cycles they become flat and will no longer seal properly causing sometimes major leaks after the MAF the IAT sensors which can cause your car to run lean.In this thread I have pictures of why you need to change these and why you need to clean the intake while it is off. Any DIYer can do this and I will make a How-To for it soon. Here's a few pics of what you will most likely find after removing the intake. I have also removed the throttle body to check for carbon build-up in the EGR passages.

SVT Upper Intake: Shows carbon build-up.

Lower intake and gaskets: Shows Carbon build-up and "blow-by" around the intake gaskets.

SVT throttle body: Shows carbon build-up and oily residue.

New Gaskets:

Old Gaskets: Shows "blow by" and shrunken/flattened material.